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Congressman Al Green Remarks on Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance 2021

September 11, 2021

(Houston, TX) – On Saturday, September 11, 2021, Congressman Al Green (TX-09) released the following statement:

9/11 serves as a reminder that onto each person a watch is given. A reminder that this is our watch. A reminder that our mission is to protect the flame of freedom. Protect it from those who would smother flickers of hope with ashes of hate. Protect it from those who would extinguish precious embers of enlightenment with raging rivers of ignorance. Protect it from those who would suffocate the bright sparks of freedom with a dark blanket of servitude. On this day, some 20 years ago, the flame of freedom was under attack. On this day some 20 years ago, there were those who responded not on our watch.”

Congressman Al Green – who spoke at various 9/11 remembrance ceremonies across the community today – went on, They were the first responders who rushed in to save lives in the twin towers as others rushed out. They were the passengers on Flight United 93, a plane destined to take the lives of persons at the Capitol. Their response was not on our watch. They had to know that their lives would be lost. But their mantra was ‘let’s roll.’ They had to know that they would never spend time with their wives, their husbands, their mothers, their fathers, their babies, their sisters, or their brothers, ever again. Yet, their mantra was ‘let’s roll.’ In so doing, they, with great sacrifice, protected the flame of freedom and spared the lives of many. Today, I say to you America, ‘let’s roll.’ Let’s roll beyond the ignorance that engenders hate. Let’s roll across the chasms that divide us. Let’s roll onto the path of unity our nation found on 9/11 some 20 years ago when the flame of freedom was under attack. Let’s roll America.”