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Congressman Al Green Hosted First Slavery Remembrance Day Commemorative Townhall with COVID-19 Vaccines, Food Distribution

August 20, 2021

(Houston, TX) — On Friday, August 20, 2021, Congressman Al Green – in conjunction with Greater Grace Houston – hosted the first Slavery Remembrance Day commemorative townhall. He released the following statement:

“9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Holocaust each have national days of remembrance to recall the atrocities of these tragedies. My resolution, H.Res. 517, is intended to add Slavery Remembrance Day to the list of commemorative days of horrific historic events that we wish to always remember as a nation. This resolution would commemorate our nation’s seminal sin by designating August 20 of each year as Slavery Remembrance Day,” Congressman Al Green – who introduced The Original Slavery Remembrance Day Resolution on July 1 – said in a statement.  “If we allow the horrors of slavery to fade from our collective memory, we merely promulgate naivete and a whitewashing of history that abandons a legacy of enslaved individuals’ suffering and sacrifice. It is my goal for Slavery Remembrance Day to serve as an annual reminder that we must always remember slavery’s centuries-long impact on our nation.”

Congressman Green added,“I must thank my more than 100 colleagues for cosponsoring this resolution as well as the many local elected officials, pastors, and community leaders who have acknowledged August 20 as Slavery Remembrance Day. I must especially thank Bishop Usher of Greater Grace Houston for allowing me to use his church as the venue for the first Slavery Remembrance Day commemorative town hall and community leader Sandra Massie Hines for her organizing assistance. I thank everyone in attendance today for their commitment to always remember the history of slavery to avoid repeating the horrors of slavery.”

Slavery Remembrance Day has been acknowledged by the following: Mayor Sylvester Turner of the City of Houston; Mayor Robin Elackatt and Councilmember Jeff Boney of the City of Missouri City; Fort Bend Precinct 2 Commissioner Grady Prestage; Texas State Representatives Ann Johnson, Alma Allen, Diego Bernal, Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Celia Israel, Christina Morales, Sheryl N. Cole, Claudia Ordaz Perez, Chris Turner, Joe Deshotel, Donna Howard, Alex Dominguez, Eddie Morales, Garnet F. Coleman, Gene Wu, Vikki Goodwin, Ina Minjarez, Jasmine Crockett, Armando Martinez, Mary E. Gonzalez, Michelle Beckley, Victoria Neave, Evelina Ortega, Penny Morales Shaw, Mary Ann Perez, Richard Peña Raymond, Elizabeth Campos, James Talarico, Rhetta Andrews Bowers, Ron Reynolds, Jon Rosenthal, Carl Sherman, Shawn Thierry, Toni Rose, and Joe Moody; as well as Texas State Senators Royce West, Judith Zaffirini, Juan Hinojosa, Roland Gutierrez, Borris Miles, Cesar Blanco, Beverly Powell, Sarah Eckhardt, Eddie Lucio, Jr., Carol Alvarado, Jose Menendez, and John Whitmire.

In the wake of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, this event also offered COVID-19 vaccinations administered by Harris County Public Health as well as food distributed to the first 100 individuals/families provided by the Houston Food Bank. Individuals who received their first shots were eligible to receive the $100 gift card incentive from Harris County.