House Passes Transportation Funding Bill; Congressman Al Green Closer to Delivering Millions to Houston

Mar 14, 2005

(Washington, DC)--Congressman Al Green (TX-09) secured $16 million in federal transportation funds for the Ninth Congressional District in the recently passed House Transportation Equity Act (TEA-LU).

This legislation authorizes $284 billion over six years for federal highways, public transit, and road safety projects. It is estimated that for every $1 billion invested in federal highway and transit, 47,500 jobs are created or sustained.

"These funds are vital in our efforts to keep Houston moving. More importantly, they'll help address our city's ever-growing challenges of congestion and safety, while creating the kind of jobs that support families and increase our tax base," Congressman Al Green said.

Congressman Al Green worked with local officials to identify Houstons funding needs.

"I am proud that these funds are not only an investment in the backbone of our economy but they're an investment in our communities. With these funds we're enhancing a local park, improving Houston's air quality and addressing a drainage problem that has plagued our neighborhoods for years,"  Congressman Al Green said.

This legislation is expected to increase the minimum rate of return from 90.5 percent to a number more acceptable to donor states, like Texas, that pay more in federal gasoline taxes than they receive in highway funding. Before the funds are disbursed, the bill has to gain Senate approval and be signed by the President.

Congress is under pressure to pass the bill before the current extension runs out at the end of May. The Senate is expected to consider the bill in coming months.