Congressman Al Green's Statement on Worthing High School

Aug 15, 2018 Issues: Education

(Houston, TX)Congressman Al Green made the following statement regarding the school ratings rendered by the Texas Education Agency today during a HISD press conference at Worthing High School: 

“Evan E. Worthing High School has demonstrated that they are worthy of saving.  I stand with Worthing and the Sunnyside community as we continue to support the students. They have worked diligently on their academic accomplishments.  With the leadership of Houston Independent School District, Worthing has demonstrated that they are committed to their students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community, by proudly announcing their most recent achievements of meeting the academic standards.  

I believe that the new Texas Education Agency (TEA) ratings signal understanding of the hardships that many schools, students, and parents in Houston endured when Hurricane Harvey impacted our lives. Worthing High School and the surrounding community have continuously shown they can overcome adversity. This unyielding determination to succeed has been expressed with the TEA’s most recent ratings and demonstrates that Worthing is and always will be worthy of saving.”