Congressman Al Green's Statement on Using Disaster Relief Funds for President Trump’s Border Wall

Jan 11, 2019

(Houston, TX) - On Friday, January 11, 2019, Congressman Al Green made the following statement regarding the possible diversion of disaster relief funds to pay for a wall:

“It has been recently reported that the Trump administration has instructed the Army Corps of Engineers to examine its budget and determine which funds could be diverted to finance a border wall. The Army Corps of Engineers’ budget includes $13.9 billion allocated by Congress for the victims of many devastating disasters. If these much-needed disaster relief funds are diverted to a border wall, it would cause many persons across the Greater Houston area affected by Hurricane Harvey as well as the Tax Day and Memorial Day floods to remain in harm’s way.

“I am outraged by the President’s despicable decision to even consider taking these much-needed funds from areas where people are still suffering. Diverting this funding would mean turning our backs on the millions of suffering Americans who survived the various fatal disasters of 2017. This is shameful, disgraceful, and contemptible given that the President now wants taxpayers, many still recovering from the aftershock of these tragedies, to pay for the wall he promised Mexico would pay for.”