Congressman Al Green's Statement on Senator-Elect Doug Jones (D-AL)

Dec 14, 2017

Congressman Al Green’s Statement on Senator-Elect Doug Jones (D-AL)

Washington, DC -- On Wednesday, (December 13, 201) - Congressman Al Green (D-TX) released a statement on the election results of Senator-Elect Doug Jones (D-AL):

“First and foremost, congratulations to all the citizens of Alabama who fought a hard-earned victory for the future of Alabama and our nation. I commend those who boldly rejected one of the most outrageously unfit candidates for the Senate of our lifetime. By electing Doug Jones, the people of Alabama sent a message to President Trump and Republicans that they will not elect this bigot to the Senate.

“Also, I want to congratulate Senator-Elect Jones on this inspirational victory. His distinguished career evidences a passionate voice for justice. He has demonstrated how the rule of law will well serve the state of Alabama and the United States of America.

“Alabama has played an indelible role in the Civil Rights movement. Many of its greatest victories were won there. Knowing that African-American voters have helped Alabama reject Roy Moore’s America as well as the politics of division and hate is a seminal event.

“As a Member of Congress from Texas, and as a former president of the NAACP-Houston Branch, I know that grassroots organizing is at the heart of every democratic vote. I commend all of the organizers who mobilized the never-to-be-forgotten African-American voter population in Alabama. I salute all of you and your efforts.

"Finally, I hope that Republican leaders and my colleagues accept the will of the people of Alabama and stop their attempt to jam through massive tax cuts for the rich until the democratically-elected Senator Jones is officially in his seat.”