Congressman Al Green's Statement on the Senate Version of Trumpcare

Jun 23, 2017 Issues: Health Care

Congressman Al Green’s Statement on the Senate Version of Trumpcare

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Al Green (D-TX) released the following statement after Senate Republicans revealed the draft of Trumpcare:

“Finally, the American people can read the newly-revealed Trumpcare tax deal the Senate Republicans have successfully hidden from the public. This version of the bill is, unsurprisingly, just as inhumane and heartless as the bill that passed in the House of Representatives. This bill does not save healthcare, nor will this bill provide for the needs of millions of Americans.

“This abhorrent legislation will eliminate healthcare coverage for tens of millions Americans. It is a careless political scheme which lines the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of the health and financial futures of hard-working Americans. This bill preserves the age tax while gutting necessary protections for seniors and most devastatingly of all, strips funding from Medicare. The Senate bill proves that higher health cost and loss of coverage are the backbone of Trumpcare. 

“Trumpcare is not healthcare, it is wealthcare for the richest families who will receive millions of dollars taken from the American people if this bill becomes law. Trumpcare is offensive and destructive legislation, and the American people must hold Congress and the Trump Administration accountable. I stand with my Democratic colleagues as we continue to fight with all our strength to protect America’s families from the moral atrocity of Trumpcare.”