Congressman Al Green's Statement on Presidential Address on Border Security

Jan 8, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) - On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, Congressman Al Green released the following statement regarding President Trump’s address from the Oval Office on border security:   

“In his presidential address, the President continued to distance himself from reality just as he did when he suggested that President Obama was not an American citizen; that he had the largest crowd to attend an inauguration; that Mexico would pay for the wall; that he would own the shutdown that he created; and now, he contends that a wall can solve the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.

“This humanitarian crisis is largely intensified by the President’s bigoted policies. Since initially taking the campaign trail, Mr. Trump has vowed to construct a wall at the southern border. His relentless pursuit of this false fence of security, that will not prevent trafficking at airports and other ports of entry, has fueled his deceitful utterances of a national security crisis within the past few days. He has gone as far as to present misleading statistics about terrorists entering the country and to manipulate data about drug trafficking, violent crimes, and job availability for native-born individuals due to increased illegal immigration.

“Enough is enough. Families fleeing harm’s way and seeking asylum should not be stereotyped as drug traffickers, rapists, or individuals coming to strain our economy as the President has indicated. Many of them represent the ‘tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ that Lady Liberty has beckoned since 1886.”