Congressman Al Green's Statement at Need to Impeach Press Conference

Jan 29, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) — On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Congressman Al Green attended a press conference hosted by Tom Steyer and Need to Impeach, where he released the following message:

“Because I love my country, for nearly two years I have been adamant about the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump for his invidious discrimination, policies emanating from his presidency that are rooted in bigotry and interfering with the Russia investigation. Simultaneously, Mr. Tom Steyer has sparked a popular, nationwide movement supporting impeachment.

“I first called for the impeachment of President Trump from the floor of the House of Representatives on May 17, 2017. While my stance on impeachment couldn’t be clearer, it’s important to reiterate that I believe impeachment proceedings should have begun after the President fired FBI Director Comey and confessed on national television that he did so with ‘this Russia thing’ in mind. There is no constitutional authority requiring Congress to abate its responsibility to impeach pending an executive branch investigation when a President is unfit to serve by virtue of the harm he has perpetrated upon society. Failure to impeach a constitutionally unfit president puts society at greater risk of additional harm. The seeds of discord continue to germinate, and society continues to suffer as the healing power of impeachment is delayed and denied.

“While I respect the right of the American public to voice their opinions, I maintain my commitment not to lobby Members of Congress. It’s not about Democrats, it’s about preserving our democracy. It’s not about Republicans, it’s about protecting our Republic. I encourage everyone, my colleagues and the public at large, to allow your conscience to discern whether impeachment is the right thing to do, knowing history will judge us all.”