Congressman Al Green Will Propose New Law to Fast-Track Cases in Wake of SCOTUS Decision

Jul 9, 2020

(Houston, TX) – On Thursday, July 9, 2020, Congressman Al Green released the following statement:    

“Today, the United States Supreme Court – through two decisions – sent a much-needed message to a reckless, ruthless, lawless president that he is not above the law. The Trump v. Vance ruling provides a path for the New York District Attorney’s Office to examine President Trump’s financial records for any violation of campaign finance laws as well as any possible conflicts of interest or emoluments from foreign powers,” Congressman Al Green stated. “After nearly four years in office, the Supreme Court has ruled that the President is not above the law. The only question now is whether the President’s tax returns will be released before or after the November election.”

Green continued, “While I respect the Trump v. Mazars decision, justice is being severely delayed and temporarily denied. When the Congress of the United States presents a case against the President of the United States, it should not be comingled with all other cases. There should not be a years-long battle for a ruling. Maintenance of the balance of federal powers requires that any such case be prioritized. For this reason, I plan to propose legislation to fast-track lawsuits filed by Congress against the President of the United States to thwart the use of the justice system to perpetrate unjust dilatory tactics.”

“This is what our country deserves and justice demands.”