Congressman Al Green: A Wall Will Not Solve Our Immigration Dilemma

Jan 25, 2017

(Houston, TX)—On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Congressman Al Green (TX-9) released the following statement on President Trump’s Immigration Executive Orders.

“According to the late journalist H.L. Mencken: ‘For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.’

“Building what President Trump calls ‘a big, beautiful border wall’ is a ‘clear, simple, and wrong’ answer to a complex immigration problem. To be clear, every sovereign country has the right and duty to control its border. However, we should not create a false sense of security with a pseudo-panacean wall when the problem is much more complex.

“A border wall will not allow DREAMers (individuals who were brought here as children not of their own volition) to live free from the fear of being deported to a country where people are fleeing violence. A border wall will not resolve the question of immigrant workers who live in fear because of their uncertain statuses. A border wall will not maintain family unity for those who only seek some certainty in their quest to live with their loved ones in safety. A border wall will not prevent unscrupulous bosses from suppressing wages by paying undocumented workers subminimum wages.

“If President Trump is truly serious about confronting the complex issue of immigration, it should be apparent to him that focusing singularly on the expansion of the border wall is ‘clear, simple, and wrong.’ President Trump has no excuse for the lack of a comprehensive immigration plan—his party controls the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.

“As a Member of Congress, I stand ready to support a solution to this complex human problem comprehensively as well as compassionately with an actual plan that will result in more secure borders and greater economic security.”