Congressman Al Green Supports Waiver for Secretary of Defense Nominee General Lloyd Austin

Jan 21, 2021

(Washington, DC) – On Thursday, January 21, 2021, Congressman Al Green voted in support of the legal waiver necessary to enable President Biden’s Secretary of Defense designate, General Lloyd Austin, to be confirmed. Congressman Green stated:

“I voted ‘YES’ in support of granting Secretary of Defense-designate Lloyd Austin the necessary waiver to be confirmed by the Senate. We cannot allow this groundbreaking opportunity to confirm a capable, competent, and qualified candidate to end with his nomination. If confirmed, General Austin will become the first African American Secretary of Defense, which will empower a generation of young people from marginalized communities to add ‘Secretary of Defense’ to the list of things they indeed can become,” Congressman Al Green stated. “Approving General Austin to serve as Secretary of Defense would send a powerful, forward-thinking message that our military is not only acceptant of but promotes diversity and inclusion in every rank.”

Congressman Green added, “General Austin has rendered invaluable service, selfless leadership, and impeccable foresight to our nation’s armed services. I am confident that a Secretary Austin would prove the best fit for our nation’s defense at this time.”