Congressman Al Green Meets with Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres

Apr 11, 2005

(Washington, DC)--Houston Congressman Al Green (TX-09) met with Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres about the current state of affairs in Israel as it prepares for disengagement from Gaza. Peres spoke earnestly about his hope for peace and the latest steps towards peace.

This meeting with Congressional Black Caucus Members (CBC) is the first of many meetings in an effort to strengthen relations and to build upon previous dialogues with officials from the State of Israel. Although Peres spoke of peace as a process, one that requires patience, he also spoke of his hope that the region will one day have not just merely an absence of unrest and an absence of violence, but rather true peace.

Congressman Al Green expressed his support for the state of Israel: "Prime Minister Peres' words on his desire for true peace resonated with me and other CBC Members. We must not be content with calmness; rather, we must work towards everlasting peace. I appreciated the Prime Minister's depth of thinking and his extraordinary patience with the ongoing road map for peace."

Today, President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel met in Crawford, Texas, where they pledged to work together for peace in the Middle East.