Congressman Al Green Introduces Legislation to Enhance Math/Science Opportunities for Inner City Children

May 24, 2006 Issues: Education

(Washington, DC)--Congressman Al Green (TX-09), along with the support of several House Science Committee Democrats, introduced legislation aimed at increasing math and science interest and opportunities for inner city students. HR 5458, a bill to authorize a National Science Foundation (NSF) competitive grant program for establishing or expanding math and science camps in urban areas, would allow middle and high school students the opportunity to participate in these all expenses paid camps during the summer.

Following a May 3 hearing regarding the National Science Foundations role in providing math and science education, Congressman Al Green, a member of the House Science Committee, expressed his commitment to expanding opportunities for the underprivileged:  "Just as we took steps to fill a need, ensuring that women excelled in math and science, we must also use that same enthusiasm to facilitate inner city students in their efforts to shine in math and science."

In an attempt to ensure that disadvantaged students were included in the Administration's new American Competitiveness Initiative that was unveiled at the 2006 State of the Union Address, Congressman Al Green felt extracurricular activities focused on math and science enrichment would be a first-step towards reducing the divide in participation and achievement in the science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) professions.

"When Albert Einstein was a child, he was considered a slow learner, not the genius destined for greatness that he is remembered as today," Congressman Al Green said. "This legislation gives us a greater chance not only to leave no child behind but also to reveal the hidden talents of the next genius child waiting to make a difference, if just given the opportunity."

HR 5458 will be referred to the House Science Committee. Congressman Al Green hopes that he can work with his colleagues both on the Committee and throughout the distinguished body to ensure passage of this vital piece of legislation.