Congressman Al Green Hosts Press Call on Houston Chinese Consulate Closure

Jul 22, 2020

(Washington, D.C.) — On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Congressman Al Green held a press call to discuss the U.S. closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and released the following statement:

“In the wake of the abrupt closure of and recent events involving the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, I have received multiple press requests and constituent concerns,” Congressman Al Green stated. “My constituents have expressed concern for their safety, emanating from the President’s continuous use of pejoratives – such as ‘China virus’ and ‘kung flu’ – to refer to COVID-19 which seems to provoke a degree of animus against Chinese Americans and other Asian Americans across our nation.”

“There are communities of hardworking Americans of Asian ancestry who are afraid of what may happen to them as a result of their appearance. My hope is that the recent consulate closing will not become another issue for them as their concerns have increased and as they fear heightened tensions that could result in more anti-Asian American violence or – worse – internment.”

“Although I do not want to believe something as drastic as internment could ever recur in our nation, I realize that people of Asian ancestry are afraid and very much concerned.”

Green – a Houston area Congressman whose ethnically diverse district includes Houston’s Chinatown and where the ballot is printed in four languages, including Chinese and Vietnamese – added, “This is the time for the President of the United States to support our fellow Americans by letting them know the decision to close this office is not one that has anything to do with them. I am calling on President Trump to say a kind, affirming word to Asian Americans. It is imperative that he does. Asian American children have been bullied. Asian Americans have been harassed and targeted in public spaces. People – many who were born in the United States – are afraid.”

Congressman Green ended the call, indicating, “Not everyone is a spy, seeking to steal American intelligence. We cannot send the message that the Asian Americans who contribute to our society and are our neighbors, coworkers, local business owners, healthcare professionals, accountants, and attorneys are somehow out to get us. They, too, are Americans. They have the same constitutional rights as the President. And they must be protected.”