Congressman Al Green Hosts “Don’t Mess with USPS: Save the Postal Service Day of Action” in Missouri City

Aug 18, 2020 Issues: Veterans, Health Care, Labor, Social Security

(Missouri City, TX) — On Tuesday, August 18, 2020, Congressman Al Green hosted his “Don’t Mess with USPS: Save the Postal Service Day of Action” rally and press conference in front of the Missouri City Main Post Office Location. He appeared with local elected officials, community leaders, and concerned constituents. The Congressman – who represents Houston and smaller cities southwest of Houston including Missouri City and Stafford – issued the following statement:

“The President intimated that preventing Congress from infusing needed funds into the Postal Service would thwart the opportunity to vote by mail, in essence, attacking the United States Postal Service to which, as a Texan, I respond, don’t mess with USPS.”

Congressman Green continued, “An attackon USPS is an attack on health care: the Postal Service delivers medications to countless people daily.”

“An attack on USPS is an attack on its more than 600,000 employees: approximately 100,000 of whom are veterans.”

“An attack on USPS is an attack on commerce: during 2019, the Postal Service issued 80 million money orders.”

“An attack on USPS’s delivery of mail ballots is an attack on the Lincolnian precept of government of the people, by the people, for the people: it is an attack on America’s democracy.”

“Don’t mess with USPS.”

Congressman Green added, “The United States Postal Service is responsible for delivering essential items such as prescriptions, Social Security checks, stimulus checks, and yes, voting ballots. Americans should not have to tussle with the idea of risking their lives to vote. It is simply un-American for strenuous restrictions on voting to persist during a global health crisis where thousands of people are contracting and dying from COVID-19 weekly in our nation alone. Voting by mail is the way to prevent a possible catastrophic surge in coronavirus caused by gathering at polling locations come November. We must have the will to adjust and allow widespread voting by mail to protect all voters.”

“Due to circumstances principally beyond its control, the Postal Service is overworked and underfunded: this phenomenon has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. During a time when many entities are scaling back, postal workers across our country are forced to meet unprecedented demand with a deficit of funding and human capital.”

Congressman Green concluded, saying, “The Framers of our Constitution judiciously provided for a safe, secure, widely accessible form of national communication – USPS. It is now up to the federal government to ensure that our postal workers, our packages, our prescriptions, our paychecks, and our voting ballots are protected. We must appropriately fund the Postal Service so that it can continue to fulfill the mission the Framers intended.”