Congressman Al Green Holds Press Conference on Mueller Report

Apr 18, 2019

(Houston, TX) - On Thursday, April 18, 2019, Congressman Al Green held a press conference to discuss his reaction to as well as the implications of the Mueller report: 

“More than 700 days ago, I took to the Floor of the House of Representatives out of love for country, respect for the Constitution, and the belief that no one – including the President of the United States – is above the law. From the Floor of the House of Representatives, I called for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America. Where I stood then, I stand now. 

“Mr. Mueller has performed his investigation and a report has been submitted to the public. He has given us information we can go forth with. Now it is time for Congress to do its job. The framers of the Constitution granted us the way to address a president unfit to remain in that position through impeachment. Members of Congress, we must decide if we have the will.

“It isn’t about symbolism or whether we will have the votes or if the Senate will actually remove President Trump from office. Between initiating the obstruction of justice by firing former FBI Director Comey and consistently infusing bigotry into policy, the President has committed enough impeachable acts. We cannot allow political expediency to trump moral imperative. Waiting for 2020 tells the American people that political expediency is more important than the moral imperative to hold the President accountable for his actions. If no one – including the President – is truly above the law, impeachment must become more than a talking point for political pundits; it must become an action item for the Congress.”