Congressman Al Green Gives Houston Youths an Opportunity to Pursue a Military Career

Nov 9, 2010 Issues: Education

(Houston, TX)--Last week Congressman Al Green (TX-09) hosted his Military Academy Day 2010 at Houston’s Sharpstown High School to inform the residents of Texas' 9th Congressional District about  the process to request his nomination to one of the five Military Academies that exist in the United States. The five military academies include: West Point Military Academy, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, the Coast Guard Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Al Green can nominate students from his district to attend the military academies. Students must be at least 17 years old, but must not have passed their 23rd birthday. Some other eligibility requirements include United States citizenship, being unmarried and not pregnant, as well as having no legal obligation to support children or any other dependents.

“This is a excellent educational opportunity for those who desire to serve our country and receive a world-class education. Those who are finally selected will be awarded full scholarships valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars," Congressman Al Green said. "Additionally, they will graduate with a second lieutenant rank and will secure employment in the Armed Forces."

Congressman Al Green explained although his nomination helps a student, it does not guarantee selection as each academy has a selection committee that conducts the final evaluations. Currently, Congressman Al Green has six students serving in military academies. Three of them serve in the Naval Academy, two of them are at the Air Force Academy and one serves at the West Point Military Academy.

The deadline to submit applications is November 15, 2010. Applications must be received at Congressman Al Green’s Houston Office located at 3003 South Loop West, Suite 460. The Congressman or his staff will notify the applicants who will be nominated no later than January 31, 2011. Subsequently, the academies will notify the candidates of their final application status by the end of April, 2011.

For additional information, those who are interested may obtain it by calling Congressman Al Green’s Houston office at: (713) 383-9234.