Congressman Al Green Congratulates Harris County on Implementing Countywide Polling Place Program

Mar 8, 2019

(Washington, D.C.) - On Friday, March 8, 2019, Congressman Al Green released the following statement regarding the implementation of countywide voting access in Harris County, Texas:

“As a son of the segregated South, I have seen voter suppression and disenfranchisement at its worst. The remnants of those tactics are still being dismantled today. In the U.S. House of Representatives, we have passed the For the People Act of 2019, which tackles a broad spectrum of issues affecting politics and society as a whole, including voting rights, campaign finance, and ethics. On Thursday, March 7, 2019, I presented an amendment to this legislation that would provide funds to assist eligible high school seniors in registering to vote. This amendment passed and should enhance voter participation by energizing the next generation of voters. Although Congress has passed H.R. 1 to improve voting rights for all, it is good to know that local leaders have simultaneously taken on the same charge to benefit voters in Harris County, Texas.

“Precinct-based Election Day Voting Centers involve an antiquated and outdated process that may have functioned well when people worked, lived, and socialized all in one area of the city, but this is now a rarity. With more than 2 million registered voters, Harris County and its voters deserve convenient options on Election Day for voting locations. The successful implementation of the Countywide Polling Place Program will be a huge victory for Harris County.

“I commend County Clerk Diane Trautman for embracing this challenge and wish her much success in her efforts to ensure Harris County becomes the largest in the country to successfully implement a countywide polling place program for Election Day voting. It is my hope that this program is effectively put into practice throughout the county and that these countywide polling places are strategically located to accommodate the needs of the entire voting population.”