Congressman Al Green Attends Financial Services Field Hearing to Address the Unfinished Business of Redlining

Mar 6, 2020 Issues: Financial Services

(Jamaica, NY) – On Friday, March 6, 2020, Congressman Al Green attended the field hearing hosted by the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions titled, Modern-Day Redlining: The Burden on Underbanked and Excluded Communities in New York. After the hearing, Congressman Green released the following statement: 

“Redlining is among the unfinished business of the Civil and Human Rights Movements,” Congressman Al Green (D-TX) stated. “Today’s hearing revealed that redlining and invidious discriminatory practices persist and that we have much more to do. It is this unfinished business that compels me to continue fighting to end invidious discrimination in all its forms - including banking deserts - and to open economic opportunity to all who seek it.”

“We have seen firsthand, investigated, and penned legislation to end invidious discrimination in the purchasing and leasing of homes. The findings from this hearing will help us to perfect financial services legislation such as the Ensuring Diversity in Community Banking Act, the Housing Fairness Act, and the Fair Housing for All Act.  Today’s hearing has provided an avenue to assess and remediate the alarming facts and harmful effects of banking deserts as well as discrimination in communities of color.”

“It is my honor to join Chairman Meeks and my other colleagues in this vital work. I look forward to returning to Washington, D.C., and continuing our efforts to address the findings of this hearing by advancing this critical legislation.”