Congress Al Green's Statement on SB4

Jun 21, 2017

Congressman Al Green’s Statement on SB4

Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Al Green (TX-9) released the following statement:

“As the Representative of the Ninth Congressional District of Texas, home to one of our state’s most diverse populations, it is my duty and responsibility to speak out against legislation that adversely impacts my constituents. Senate Bill 4 is a divisive piece of legislation that increases racial profiling, breaks down trust in local government, and sets Texas on a crash course to self-inflicted economic damage.

“Senate Bill 4 turns law enforcement officials and employees, who have spent years building relationships with the communities they serve, into local arms of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Maintaining order requires trust between residents and their local governments, but when local community officials suddenly become the force that separates families, that relationship could be irreparably damaged.

“The Texas Police Chiefs Association and the Texas Major Cities Chiefs asserted that when residents no longer feel safe reporting crimes to local police, we have created a silent class of victims, and the community suffers. When this lack of reporting spreads throughout various cities and counties across Texas, the state is then put at risk. Rather than creating a safer Texas, this legislation carries all the risks of making our cities exponentially more vulnerable to crime.

“Beyond the local impact residents will see, the state stands to lose the substantial economic gains of recent years by implementing such anti-immigrant legislation. The Center for American Progress reported that the Latino and Asian populations in Texas possess $297 billion in purchasing power. Furthermore, if Texas follows through with the removal of all undocumented immigrant workers, the state will see a 4% loss in its GDP, amounting to approximately $60.1 billion in losses for the state.

“Texas and Houston stand to lose immeasurably from this law. The bond that unites the various ethnic groups in Texas is woven into the cultural fabric of Texas. I cannot, in good conscience, allow any legislation that seeks to arbitrarily punish our diverse populations to move forward without expressly voicing my concerns.”

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